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"3 times S aka Super Strange Story" - Mateusz Kłos - 05.11.2012

Long time ago there was an alcoholic Shrek
Now he was a real wreck

And there was Norris Chuck
Oh boy, he liked to fuck

Don’t forget about Pocahontas too
Shamefully she had died in the loo

That crew with Red Riding Hood
Was walking through the Black Wood

They lived somewhere and wow
They have met in small postindustrial town

So every day they would go to Shrek’s house for a brew
And started to call themselves a crew

Usually the used to pass out
And in the morning to painfully shout

But now they were on a mission
According to little girl’s intuition

She said that they were going to Yoda
Because he had something called broda*

So they were wandering around
Until the guy was found

They walked and walked
But Norris has just stopped

Suddenly he slightly dashed
Because something had crashed

They thanked God for Chuck’s amazing senses
But not to his old contact lenses

Few trees fell to the ground
By the assassins they were surround'd

They closed their eyes from fear
Because death was near

After few seconds crew opened their eyes
Enemies were turned into pies

It was Yoda the master
Spinning faster and faster

He saved them from a fight
They thanked him the whole night

After a little party
They asked him about the broda* all righty

The only reply he gave
Was "I just don’t shave"

The lesson they learned out of this is
Be friends with Yoda and Chuck Norris

* broda (pol.) - beard